What is Wedding Musings?
Wedding Musings is a Premium Wedding Photography and Cinematography service based in Mumbai City. It is the Brain child of Dr.Adwet and his younger brother Udit Harsora.
Dr. Adwet Harsora is a Physician by Education, But has always fancied himself as a creative. He has been a Commercial and Advertising Photographer since 2009 and his clients have included Skoda motors, India First Insurance, Kohinoor Builders, Cox and Kings amongst others. His Favourite Genre of Photography has always been Portraiture and Story Telling, and that has been his key motivation for photographing weddings since the last 4 years.
Udit Harsora is an IT graduate, has been Photographing Weddings since the last 2 years and has now developed a keen interest in capturing Candid Wedding Films.
What is Candid Photography? What is the role of a Candid Photographer?
As with almost all things these days, Google to the rescue!!

“A Candid Photograph is a photograph captured through motion mostly, without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photographs. “
“A Candid Photographer is a person who takes Photographs during a wedding using an alternative approach where Photographs are captured spontaneously to emphasize Moments and Emotion. They present the story of the day through their Photographs. A Candid Wedding Photographer typically shoots images quickly using available light or on-camera flash rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights.” 
Wedding Musings is a Candid Wedding Photography service based in Mumbai. Our key area of expertise is Candid Photography and Portraiture. We mostly do what is referred to as “second shooting” at a wedding, which basically means that we would not be focussed on arranging the relatives together for a posed group shot, or getting the bride and groom to pose awkwardly. Our work is usually focussed around getting Candid Photographs (refer the definition above) of the Bride and Groom, and the people closest to them, like immediate family. Our work usually involves taking pictures of the Bride / Groom as they are getting ready, Candid Photographs of all the pre wedding rituals, the rituals themselves, as well as a relaxed portraiture session of the couple before they head out for the Reception. In addition to that, if the client wishes to have a pre wedding portraiture session at a location meaningful to them, We would be game for that as well.
But that does not mean that the other people at a Wedding are not Important. Infact, you might not even be sure of the “importance” of a said person. Like if you are a Bride trying to hire us, you might not have any idea about how important “Shanti aunty” is to your mother – in – law.  So, Because of the nature of candid photography itself, We cannot be focussed on everyone at the wedding. Usually that would have to be done by other, more “traditional” photographers. We already have a great team of such photographers and can arrange for them if necessary.
We would TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY love to be the only people photographing memories at your wedding, but we would ALSO strongly suggest you have someone else take traditional posed pictures at your Wedding as well. Via us or otherwise. You will thank us for this advice.
Do you travel for assignments?

Absolutely. As long as you you can provide us comfortable travel and lodging options close to the Venue.

How many pictures will you give? When will you deliver the Photographs and the Wedding film?
You can expect an average of about 200 – 250 color corrected high resolution jpegs (Industry standard and the most commonly used file format for still images) per function to be delivered in the crop format that you choose – square, 5×7, 4×6, 8×10. Our default crop is 5×7. 
We can also arrange for you to have your Photographs delivered in an Album as well (at an extra cost) and would highly recommend the same. Each album would have about 20 – 25 pages containing approximately 150 photos or less. A few extra pages can be added in case you would want to include more.
The photographs will be delivered within 14 days of the shoot in DVDs / USB drives. In case you would require us to do an album, it would take another 14 days post your approval of the images.
Delivery of the wedding film would take atleast 45 days as its requires a significant amount of treatment and processing post the shoot.
What is your booking procedure?
Please fill out this form for us. It takes just a few minutes, and will give us all the preliminary details we would need to take the conversation forward.


In case you wish to e-mail us / call us or text us – Please find our contact details here.

Ideally, We would love to meet you in person over coffee or a meal to show our portfolio, what exactly do we deliver to each individual client and discuss things further. In case that is not possible, we would send across a proposal for our fees, customised as per your requirement, including timelines, deliverables, our standard terms and conditions along with our contract. 
We charge a small non refundable fee of 30% of the total fee to block our dates, and the remaining 70% has to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the shoot day.
What are your charges?
We would be happy to send you a personlised quote as per your requirements.Please contact us here – Enquiry.
What Camera do you have?
We take our work very seriously knowing fully well that a Person’s Wedding is the singular most important event in their life. Thats not something we will mess with.
With this in mind, We would be coming to the event with a lot of redundancy as far as equipment is concerned. If you have commissioned us for Photography, We will be carrying at least 2 primary camera bodies (36 megapixels), about 5 – 6 fast lenses (that can shoot in low light without flash) and 2 – 3 flashguns. Plus We have a lot of systems in place so that there are no hiccups on the final day.

Also, Please remember, “The single most important component of a camera is twelve inches behind it!”